Sunday, March 06, 2016

What does making mean to me?

A Playful Day is back with her podcast, and has a new creativity/blogging challenge.

What does making mean to YOU?

Making means different things to me at different times in my life.

 photo IMG_9293_zpsrqbk96hm.jpg
Food tins - washed, dried, and ready for upcycling

Lately, making confers on me a sense of control. For example, 2016 has brought some unexpected work-related changes that have left me feeling frustrated and disenfranchised. There is nothing I can do to change this situation for the foreseeable future, so I've been left feeling powerless and stuck. However, even when life gets chaotic I know that I at least control what I'm producing creatively. (Of course, creativity has an element of chance / serendipity / unpredictability, and that's cool too.) I need to remind myself of this at particularly stressful times; I often find stress impedes my creative impulses, even though intellectually I know that I'll feel better about things if I get out there and make stuff.

 photo IMG_9294_zpsmkfinph5.jpg
Drainage holes hammered through the bottom, decorated with washi-esque tape

On that note, I've been using my knitting and other creative pursuits lately as manifestations of my own choice. I can choose what I make and when. I have the power to create a physical object with my own hands. I can create something beautiful that is also useful to me. Making gives me something else to focus on, other than the things I can't control.

 photo IMG_9297_zps4oeezakl.jpg
Tada! New pots for some wee succulents

Images in this post are from this morning's attempt to turn food tins into plant pots. I'm rather pleased with them, but we'll see if the washi tape gets ruined if I spill when watering...


  1. This is a cute idea. I'm sorry your workplace is causing some frustrating and unhappy moments.

  2. Oh I so agree! We are in control of our creativity and having an outlet for the stresses and demands of daily life is priceless. Love the up cycled plantholder tins. I might try the same but with some cute patterned duck tape.

  3. True! I've definitely been there with job craziness and the comfort and control of making at home.