Sunday, March 13, 2016

WIP: Torrent Socks

Thought I'd give a proper update on one of the Blue Period projects I alluded to before.

 photo IMG_9304_zpsz4bwyjhz.jpg

(They're blue, but not THIS blue. Photo colour does not correspond to real life.)

My Torrent socks are proceeding apace. Given how many projects I have on the go, I'm actually surprised by how quickly these are going. Nearly at the heels! The back of the ankle is all stockinette; I think this helps with the speed as well as making them very enjoyable to knit. I get bored easily with all-stockinette projects, and bogged down with nothing-but-lace, so these are the best of both!

Ever had a project go more quickly than you expected?


  1. Not about socks (!), but will you be attending EdinYarnFest?

    1. Have fun, take photos, and show off the stash enhancement!

  2. Gorgeous blue! I am finding simple patterned socks surprisingly quick & fun to knit. It also depends on my mood, too.