Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Golden scales

Oh hello WIP Wednesday. Been a while! I've finally got something new on the needles.

My sunny pomatomus socks have been a welcome contrast to the gloom and rain over the last few days.


After spending many months on my wedding shawl with its long rows and very long repeats, this sock feels speedy in comparison. Had I started these socks after a relatively simple project, I'm sure they would seem much more difficult. Funny that. I haven't finished one pattern repeat yet, but it still feels like I am making progress.


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Sunday, April 08, 2012

gathering wool

I'm at the point in wedding planning where I am so ready to be done with emailing and phoning people to sort out logistics. In all honesty, I've been tired of that since I started, but I'm really sick of it now. Although I still have some more telephone tag to play, I can't do it on Easter weekend, so I'm distracting myself with fun planning.

Yarn planning! The best kind of planning.

We're going on our honeymoon starting the day after the wedding, and we'll be spending many days on a boat. Honeymoon knitting follows logically in this progression, so I've compiled a few too many projects to take with me.

First up, socks for my will-be-husband. I toyed with the idea of making him wedding socks, but that never materialised, so honeymoon socks it is. He requested simple and green, so I'm going to make Mr Pitt's Socks in basic workhorse Regia.

I've also got some socks for me planned. The yellow-orange yarn shown below is now reserved for Pomatomus by Cookie A for me. I have had my eye on these socks for years. I saw a yellow "goldfish" version on ravelry ages ago that convinced me mine should be yellow as well.


Thirdly, I think I'll bring along a shawlette project, to make a change from socks. Annis by Susanna IC has been on my radar since it came out, and I've never made a shawl in that shape before, so I think I'll try it. As for yarn, I have some lovely blue and green Yarn Yard Cairn that I bought soon after moving to Edinburgh and haven't found a project for.

Hurray! It feels good to plan something that I actually have control over and doesn't rely on other people phoning me back or sending me (or failing to send me) necessary documents. (Sorry, does that sound bitter? :P)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


My wedding shawl is done! I think. Bound off, removed all the lifelines except one, bunged it in a bath. (Perhaps more like "placed gingerly" in a bath...)


Not going to lie - it looks a little small, even though I knitted one more repeat than called for. I'm optimistic that blocking will make it expand to fit my imagination, but if it doesn't, I've still got a lifeline in there and plenty of yarn left, so I can add some more lace.

Lumpy pre-blocking shot
I love watching the transformation of blocked lace, and I'm very excited about this piece in particular. It is definitely the most complicated lace I've ever knit, so I hope it will be worth it. Exciting times, people!