Saturday, September 13, 2014

FO: Song of the Sea

Confession: I love the idea of infinity scarves / long cowls, and I even designed one once, but I have never felt like I could pull off wearing them as well as the fashion-y types. That said, I keep queueing them, and I intend to make more, so I'd better learn how to wear them. Here is my most recent attempt - I think it went well.

Pattern: Song of the Sea by Louise Zass-Bangham

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock

 photo IMG_7681_zpsfe411ce1.jpg

Mods: More repeats of the large and medium waves, and skipped the small waves.

 photo IMG_7679_zpsa47c1476.jpg


This was super fun to knit. The lace pattern is reasonably intuitive and addictive, and the yarn is awesome. I am pleasantly surprised that it has held up so far - I felt sure that the mythic Malabrigo Sock would disintegrate the moment I put it on. Much sturdier than expected, though I will keep track of how it wears over time.

 photo IMG_7674_zpsa4d24365.jpg

My one gripe is the rolly-ness of the thing. I had read that the edges tended to roll, so some people use different edgings and the designer re-issued the pattern with an alternate edging that I used. (Garter-rib type thing). The thing is, on mine it isn't the edges that roll so much as the lace. Maybe I didn't block it aggressively enough. I've taken to wearing it as in the above photo. You may not be able to tell, but it is basically folded along the circumference so that top and bottom edges are together. The fold sticking out in front is along the middle of the lace. If that makes any sense. Anyway, it impedes the rolling a bit.

 photo IMG_7675_zpscff0b43d.jpg

Folding it over also makes it a bit more substantial. It is quite wide and so bound to become floppy when around the neck - floppiness is great, but can obscure the pretty lace. Having it slightly narrower and thicker due to folding means less floppiness. Win? I'm not sure. I still like it, though.

 photo IMG_7651_zpsad4300b0.jpg

It also works well worn doubled. I'm sure I will wear this a lot as the weather cools down.

Stash Match tally: 1 FO!