Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIP: Song of the Sea


I have a WIP! Well, I have several WIPs now, but one of them will be an FO by Friday (jinx) and one of them looks the same as it did last time I posted.

Behold the humble beginnings of Song of the Sea by Louise Zass-Bangham, in Malabrigo Sock.

 photo IMG_7623_zps797a08aa.jpg

The colourway is Aguas. It is absolutely perfect and I adore it. (A bit greener than it appears here.) Very water-y, appropriately enough.

 photo IMG_7624_zpse3eedc10.jpg

I haven't got far, but so far I really like the pattern. Maybe that's predictable of me with my love of wave motifs. This one is quite intuitive and a welcome change from lace that requires all my attention.

The keen-eyed / good-memoried among you may recall that this skein of Malabrigo Sock is part of my Stash Match challenge wherein I attempt to assign a pattern to most yarns in my stash. 1 skein matched: lots to go!