Saturday, February 20, 2016

Blue period

 photo IMG_9281_zpsc0qrt8nr.jpg

These are my current WIPs. Apparently I'm in my blue period? (To be fair I love blue and use it a lot, but didn't realize until now that all my WIPs were similarly dark blue.)

In the pile is a Puerperium baby cardigan in navy blue and pink-purple cotton, Pecan Crush cardigan in my reclaimed BFL/Alpaca yarn from my last post, and Torrent socks in lovely Scottish hand-dyed yarn I've had in my stash since moving to Scotland in the first place. (Stash-match FTW!)

Three WIPs makes me a little antsy, but I am enjoying them all. I'll finish the baby knit soon enough which will bring me down to two long-haul projects, though don't be surprised if I immediately cast-on another tiny quick baby project!

Do you have colour themes in your knitting without even realizing it?


  1. I'm in a blue period too, I had a quick jaunt off to purple land but I'm back with some ice blue socks!

  2. Blues automatically draw me in. Purples and greens do as well. I love wearing denim so it's my go-to neutral. I tend to wear a lot of black and grey too. I find with gift knitting, I have to stick to neutrals b/c the recipients usually are conservative when it comes to color. I do have one little sis who loves purple and my Oahu aunty likes purple and red so that is fun for me to pick out for Christmas knitting.

  3. Love that pop of pink/purple against the dark blue! And having three projects on the needles sounds perfect to me. I was in grey/beige mode for a little while. My colors are usually seasonally influenced so maybe some green for Spring.