Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday: things other than knitting

I've been doing some non-knitting things lately, so I wanted to show my other hobby WIPs this week.

First, I've become slightly obsessed with the idea of growing things since we moved into our new flat. A few weeks ago I bought one of those grow-your-own-herb kits, and I'm pleased to report that I haven't killed them yet!

 photo IMG_8324_zps1uuftomy.jpg

I've got parsley, basil, and chives sprouting cheerfully on the window sill. Hopefully I can keep them alive long enough to reap some delicious fresh herbs this spring.

I've also been sewing - although I got a sewing machine the Christmas before last, I haven't used it much other than for some hemming and repairs, and a few small projects. Now I've got the bug, though.

 photo IMG_8302_zpsqhk0dk1q.jpg

Above, you can see most of the bits of my tweed handbag. I've actually sewn it all together since I took the photo, but I still need to attach the handle. I bought the tweed when I went to Harris last summer and dithered about choosing a bag pattern for ages until I finally settled on the Simply Stylish Bag by Lisa Lam. It's relatively simple as handbags go, but it's the most complicated thing I've sewn so far, in that it involves many layers, and interfacing, and magnetic snaps, and pockets... so I'm pretty pleased that it mostly worked out. Some wonkiness involved, but that's to be expected. FO photos coming up once I get that handle attached.

I'm linking up with Stitch-Along Wednesday this week. Click the link to check out more WIPs.


  1. Good luck with the herbs, it's the one thing I can successfully grow!!
    Looking forward to seeing your bag finished, I love Harris tweed!

  2. Christmas before last ... hm ... I would have neede this term ... Easter before last ... So I cheated. But now I am the wiser I might correct it. Good luck with your herbs. Regula

  3. Wow, I love that tweed! It must be a great bag.

  4. Gorgeous tweed, it's making a really pretty bag.

  5. You get great light by that window. Can you just grow the herbs in those pails?

    1. That's what I'm trying to do! We'll see if it works.

  6. Ooh, where was your herb kit from and how is it getting on? Have been meaning to get some indoor plants on the go. :) x