Sunday, February 08, 2015

Yarn as decor

 photo IMG_8219_zpsbc8m2mam.jpg

I bought this bell jar the other day. It was kind of an impulse purchase, only not really - I did go home and think about it first before going back the next day to buy it. I'm often a bit skeptical of the whole faux-vintage-kitsch thing, but I thought it would look perfect on a shelf in our hallway filled with yarn. And it does (not pictured in situ, because no natural light.) Because I definitely don't have a shortage of pretty yarn, and it's nice to have some of it on display instead of packed away in a closet. (As mentioned, the hallway gets no natural light, so hopefully there won't be much fading - but in any case, I plan to rotate out skeins regularly. Hopefully because I'll be using them!)

How do you store your yarn? Is any of it on display?


  1. That is a creative idea. I would to have my yarn in display, but I worry about mothss and bugs. I do have an idea of transforming a piece of furniture into yarn storage. I won't work on that until this summer.

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  3. Not all of it, but I do have two bookcases in my craft room that show off all the pretties! Your yarn is totally my colors, love it!!