Tuesday, February 03, 2015

2015: not bad so far - keep it up.

 photo f153b26c-a247-4048-a5dc-e7786a709512_zpsd7urxfxj.jpg

2014, and the last half of it especially, was a stressful year for me.

The two main causes of stress were our search for and purchase of our first flat, and my application for UK permanent residence.

I didn't really write about them much here, but I'm pleased to say that both things are finally over.

After a lengthy process navigating bureaucracy and circuitous banking procedures, the property purchase was finalised in December and we moved in January.

On Friday, I received my residence permit, thus concluding a stressful process of paperwork wrangling, test-taking, form-filling, fee-paying... and months of waiting.

My 2015 is off to a good start - how about yours?


  1. how exciting!! i hope your stress melts away :)

  2. Oh congratulations on these milestones!!!! Do you envision you'll spend any amount of time in Canada again, or is it in your rear view mirror for good?

    And I hope you'll post a pic or two on what you do with the place. :)

    1. Who can say? I'll certainly be back to visit, and there are plenty of parts of Canada I'd like to explore further, but for now I like living here.

  3. How nice for you to start off the year with everything wrapped up. We had some major renovations (well more de-construction) in our basement and outside this year that took care of some water/mold issues that we've been living around. So our 2015 is off to a good start too ... now to rebuild, LOL!

  4. Ho'omaka'i! You are adventurous. Good for you.