Monday, March 11, 2013

Lemon poppy seed cookies

I made some cookies, and managed to get photos when they were only mostly gone.

 photo IMG_6130_zps0986400a.jpg

The recipe I sort-of followed is here. These are a bit of a departure for me, since I mostly bake brownish things - the result of subbing in brown sugar and whole-wheat flour, and using lots of spices. I do love some cinnamon... but in this case, these were lovely as is, without too many substitutions.

 photo IMG_6132_zps63efc027.jpg

I say without too many because I tinkered with the fats. The recipe calls for butter, but I can never resist reducing and substituting when butter is involved. In this case, I reduced the total fat to about 6 tblspoons (from 8), and used roughly equal amounts of butter, vegetable oil, and virgin coconut oil. In actual fact, the butter measurement was very rough - basically two vaguely tablespoon sized chunks. But anyway. The subtle coconut smell while the cookies were baking was delightful, but there isn't a strong flavour of it once baked, at least not in the small amount I used. This was my first time baking with coconut oil, and I'll probably experiment with it some more. It's mostly saturated fat, so despite all the hype, I doubt it is that much healthier than other saturated fats, but whatever.

Oh, and I left off the glaze mostly out of laziness. They are delicious without it, anyway.

 photo IMG_6133_zps7741a1ec.jpg

Mmmm cookies. Will make again.


  1. Mmmm, those look divine! Lemon poppyseed is pretty much my favorite flavor combination anyway. I am definitely going to give the recipe a try! Also, from what I know from my classes, you are totally right about coconut oil, it isn't really much better, any oil you use (even olive oil, that whole craze is not supported by much research) is going to be about the same. I may give it a try in this recipe like you did though, just for the smell : )

  2. Wow - those sound and look amazing. I love poppy seeds but usually recipes for sweet things have them paired with orange - I much prefer the idea of lemon :)

  3. What an expert baking tinker you are. These look yummy.