Monday, March 04, 2013

FO: stripey stripes

Just dropping in to say I did finish that Noro scarf. I finished it a while ago, took some long-arm photos, scowled and said I'd get some better ones.... and never did. I got fed up with not posting about it, so here are the somewhat awkward self-portraits. Also I need a hair cut. Meh.

 photo IMG_6117_zpsdfb31ff6.jpg

I love it and really enjoyed knitting it. It's cozy and warm - I happen to like the feel of Noro around my neck, though I realize that I'm in the minority. I had to intervene several times when the colours became too similar - the kind of intervention that involves scissors. Still, good times.

 photo IMG_6113_zps02d81dc4.jpg

Details: Three different skeins of Noro Kureyon. I split one of the skeins in half, used the first half striped with one of the other skeins, subbed in the next skein when that half ran out, continued along until running out, and I used the last half for the last part of the skein. Does that make any sense? I am having difficulty explaining it, but it is simple, really.

I CO 29 stitches, and knit two rows of each colour in 1x1 rib, slipping first and last stitch of the second row of each stripe, as Brooklyn Tweed describes.



  1. noice, but i think noro is one of those yarns i will avoid forever and ever amen.

  2. It looks fab :) Good call on intervening when the colours got too similar - I kinda wish I'd done that with my version!

  3. The colors are brillant! I haven't tried Noro yet b/c of the itchiness. I heard the silk line is softer.

  4. Love it! The colourways that you chose look wonderful together. I guess that I am in the minority also, since I love the rustic feel of Noro, too.