Monday, August 01, 2011

water under the bridge

After the unpleasantness during Week 5 of the Couch to 5k, I took a break for a few days, and started Week 5 all over again. I need those days off to get over my mental obstructions to the idea of running that being taunted by assholes created, and it helped. I also changed my running route - it's a little less convenient to get to, but it works so far... I used to use the 5 minute walk built into the training programme to get to a running place where there would be no traffic obstructions. Now, it takes more than a 5 minute walk, or I run to the park trying to time the walking segments to land when I reach stop lights.


The second time around, Week 5 felt good. I'm proud of myself for managing to do the third workout--20 minutes straight jogging with no walking rests--without cheating. I suspect that even when I manage to run for 30 minutes (hopefully in a few weeks), I won't be running 5k, however; I run really slowly. Sometimes I suspect I can walk faster than I run. Still, once I get to that point, I'll try to figure out exactly how far I run in 30 minutes, and work to 5k from there.

My new route involves more populated areas, and at this time of year, that means tourists. Many people bemoan tourist season, out of snobbery or dislike of crowds, or something else entirely. I don't hate tourists. If anything, I think the city can only do well if it attracts visitors. This is a great city, and it wouldn't be nice not to share it with others! When I moved here last August, I felt like a tourist most of the time, and I still don't necessarily feel like a local. But now when I get stopped in the street for directions by someone saying "Excuse me, are you from here?" I have to say yes. It keeps happening. I was astounded that last week during one workout I got stopped twice, and the next time I got stopped once. I must look extra friendly, even when I'm panting, sweaty, and red-faced. Haha.

Part of 6 Times by Antony Gormley on the Water of Leith

I always feel awkward when people ask me for directions, since I'm terrible at explaining how to get places. I have no sense of direction at all. When I'm trying to get somewhere I rely obsessively on a map (and still sometimes walk in the wrong direction), and do a lot of wandering around until I find what I'm looking for. Tourists be warned! I may accidently misdirect you.


  1. I'm glad you took a few days off and that it helped you get back to running, it really sucked that those guys almost ruined it for you.

    I hate giving directions too, I'm hopeless at it!

  2. Good on you for getting back into your own routine ... even if it is in a new place.

  3. Well done for not giving up! You are so much better than those idiots!