Thursday, August 04, 2011

Got stripes

It's wet and gray out: a good day for staying in with some super bright sock knitting. The good news is, the construction next door has been less noisy of late. Ah, peace.

Check it out - my self-striping yarn actually stripes! Success!


(Colours are wrong - it's not quite this orange in real life, and the blue is darker)

I originally intended the blue and yellow stripes to be equal width, but I didn't have two jars that were the same size. When I dyed it, I put blue dye in the smaller jar and yellow in the larger jar - as it turned out, I couldn't fit enough yarn into the blue jar. So the yellow stripes are wider. I'm okay with it.

I haven't followed a pattern so far - just CO 24 with Judy's Magic Cast-on, and increased every other row for a 60-stitch sock.

When I get to the heel, I'm going to try something different. There are a variety of heel options for toe-up other than the standard wrap&turn short-row heel, and I haven't decided which one to try. I'm considering the Fleegle heel and Priscilla Wild's No Wrap short-row heel, but will look at other options, too. Any suggestions? What's your go-to heel for toe-up socks?

(edited to add: this is the self-striping tutorial I used)


  1. Those are very well done, gorgeous!

    My go to heel for toe-up socks has got to be Wendy's toe-up socks with a difference. To me, it seems to be a better fit too; kinda like it wraps around your feet properly. could be just me and my feet.

    but my your socks are cute!

  2. Is there are tutorial somewhere to show you how to dye self striping ?

  3. Love the colors! Self striping magic.

  4. I still can't get over how cheerful those colors are. Fleegle's heel looks similar Wendy's Gusset heel (my toe-up go-to heel.) I have found that one fits my foot. I think Ewnique may be on to something and that each foot is different and you need to find what works for your foot.

  5. @CelticCastOn - I used Eunny Jang's tutorial here:

  6. Fun! I love these colors together. :)


  7. Wow, those look amazing! Great dye job. I love the colours too, so cheery! I'm simple minded/childish enough to find self-striping yarn Very Exciting :)

  8. AWesome stripes! I like Priscilla's heel, I've done that one before.