Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh, I wear my knits. Sometimes all at once.

There's a little challenge going on at Fridica: post photos of handknits that weren't taken purposefully to show off knitting. It happens that I have just the thing!

Here's a photo my dude took of me in his family's back garden over the holidays in December as I was taking pictures of the snow, probably before heading off on an adventure. It wasn't cold enough to wear a winter coat, but somehow I ended up entirely shrouded in handknits.


I'm wearing my Vivian hoodie, Ishbel shawlette, and Endpaper mitts. Whew. I expect I was quite warm...


  1. Hehe, aaaaaaawesome! That's exactly what I had in mind! Photoshoots can be very nice, but this is the real life of knits... I love it!

  2. "It wasn't cold enough to wear a winter coat". There's SNOW on the ground. SNOW! Anyway, you look lovely. Yay for knitting!