Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog Hub Swap Day 3

First order of business:

Soxonfox, aka Pip of the Sock Yarn Shop has received the package I sent her in the Blog Hub Swap and is blogging about it here complete with really great photos. I'll admit I was a bit intimidated when buying yarn for a sock yarn connossieur who sells it for a living! The legendary K1 Yarns came to the rescue, since they stock some really beautiful yarns.

Second: I survived 8 hours on the coach to Birmingham, 8 hours following my boyfriend around a bit cluelessly at UK Games Day (we both have life-consuming hobbies and obsessions - one day I'll take him along to a knitting festival), and 8 hours on the coach back to Edinburgh. Whoosh.

Third: Swap day 3!

I think Stephcuddles is determined to destroy me with sweets. Heh. (This is clearly not a bad sort of destruction). Day 3's bundle contained one large chocolate bar...


And several teeny tiny ones in the form of cute stitch markers. Aw.


Now little chocolate bars will garnish my knitting. A good combination, I think. Thanks, Stephcuddles!


  1. Oooh how lovely. Chocolate to eat and chocolate to keep.

  2. ... I adore the yarn you chose... the colour and softness are just fabulous :) cool choc stitchmarkers :)

  3. The stitch markers are adorable. One can never go wrong with a Cadbury chocolate bar either.

  4. You're very welcome :) hope you have much fun eating choccie and knitting with the other choccie :)