Thursday, February 18, 2010

FO: Snail Mitts

Christmas mittens turned into Valentine's Day mittens. No harm done!


Pattern: Norwegian Snail Mittens, by Adrian Bizilia

Yarn: mystery single-ply sticky wool


-Stockinette striped cuff instead of welts
-Changed colour chart at the top to shorten mitten
-Started decreases slightly earlier for the tops
-No third colour duplicate stitch accents

It wasn't necessarily the best idea to do a stockinette striped cuff, since it rolls a little, and the 2x2 stripes clash a little with the 1x1 strips on the mitten palm. I love the look of the duplicate stitch accents on other Snail Mitts I've seen, but I didn't have a third colour around that would have worked with the blue and purple. I think it still works, but because the yarn is a bit fuzzy and loosely spun in places the purple swallows the blue sometimes. This is not the crisp stitch definition intended, since I definitely did not use the recommended yarn. But I'm okay with it, and I think my mom (mitten recipient) is too. She gave me this yarn that has been sitting in the basement for ages, and I was happy to put it to use.

This marks the 9th item out of a required 10 that I resolved to knit for other people.

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