Friday, January 15, 2010

Words words words

I've fallen behind on my word-learning. To be honest, I'm having a hard time remembering most of the words I've learned as part of this project of mine. But I'll press on, since I like words.


1. of or pertaining to a lake.
2. living or growing in lakes, as various organisms.
3. formed at the bottom or along the shore of lakes, as geological strata.

Just a scarf in progress to add colour. Kind of lake-coloured maybe? Okay that's a stretch.


1. a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman.
2. (initial capital letter) a mythical deity popularly believed in the Middle Ages to be worshiped by the Muslims and introduced into the morality play as a violent, overbearing personage in long robes.
3. violent; turbulent; brawling; shrewish.


1. commotion; uproar.
2. a heated discussion, debate, or argument; fuss; to-do.
3. a choking or suffocating cloud, as of smoke or dust.
4. to worry; bother.


1. blood-red; crimson.
2. flesh-colored; pale pink.

I don't really think I'll ever have the occasion to use "termagant," given that accusing women of shrewishness is not an acceptable course of action these days, but I still like the word. Words describing colours are always useful in a knitter's vocabulary, though.

Just 123 words to go!


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