Tuesday, January 05, 2010

FO: Quincy

I'm in that in-between period when the holiday is nearly over and all I can think about is the impending journey to the airport. This is unfortunately making me a rather unexciting person. But what better time to share one of my pre-Christmas finished objects.


Quincy, by Jared Flood

No mods to speak of. I used Cascade Eco+ held with alternating strands of some angora blend that I used for a fuzzy mock-cable scarf for my mom last year. I ran out of angora before I finished the crown of the hat, but I like the effect. I intended to make a hat that sort of matched the scarf, since my mom has recently lost a matching hat.


Many others have gushed about the genius behind this pattern and I'll add my own praise. The construction is really neat, and garter stitch is fun! It was a quick project, and I love the finished product. Now I want one for me :)

Now to hope that the uncharacteristically snowy January morning doesn't hold up my bus or plane...


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