Friday, July 24, 2009

Word Thursday: celadon, and WIP

Celadon :
1. a pale greyish shade of green.
2. a grey-green glaze used on some pottery or porcelain
3. Chinese pottery or porcelain glazed in this way

~ The Canadian Oxford

I found this one on the Phrontistery, a neat site that compiles obscure words, lost words, fun words... There's a whole section dedicated to describing colour.


And on that note... Decimal. It only looks so pale, (so celadon?) because the lighting isn't ideal. The real colour is slightly darker, though it certainly isn't deep green. A quick image search for "celadon pottery" on google yield a range of grey/jade greens, some of which do resemble the colour I'm using.


This picture shows the colour a little better, but darker than it really is. I really need to think out my composition a little more when hurriedly taking WIP photos... No more messy table photos. This is my progress before the trip to London: I'm now working on the waist/neck shaping. So far so good, despite some minor mistakes resulting from my failure to pay attention.

There we are. Celadon decimal. I like it.


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