Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mission accomplished

I've been to London (ON) and found an apartment! And it's not an oubliette at all - doors, windows, and everything! Stressful and frustrating, but it worked out in the end.

cue angel chorus

Plus, London is much nicer in the summer than it was in the winter. Too bad I've signed myself up for the next two terms of slush. I may have two months before it snows... Anyway, my timing was awesome enough that we took in some of the free Home County Folk Festival in between house appointments, including a couple daytime workshops involving Elliott Brood. Woo! I think they've got growlier/screechier since I saw them last, which is too bad - don't get me wrong, I like the gruffness and the hollering, but this sounded like it hurt. Hopefully it's a temporary change.
Ladybug enjoying Elliott Brood

I wasn't too fond of some of the whiny guitar boys who shared the stage with Elliott Brood at one workshop, but the other workshop was a whole different thing, yielding the big discovery of the weekend: The Dust Poets! I love it when accordians and clarinets chime in and everyone sings lead at some point. Plus stompety stomping music and clever lyrics. Yay! Here's a fun example from youtube, not from this particular festival, and not the best quality, but still pretty fun.

And I didn't notice this until I got the picture off the camera, but look who's hiding out in London Ontario's pretentiously/unoriginally named "Covent Garden Market"?

Hint: near the pineapple

With 7 hours in the car there and back and a generous mum doing the driving since I'm a dead-beat failure of the graduated licensing system, there was indeed knitting. More on that later.


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