Thursday, July 02, 2009

101 in 1001 update and auspicious beginnings?

In June I only completed two items from my list. Shameful.

33. Read Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon (June 2009)
Brilliant. Oh so brilliant, and enjoyable especially after reading The Baroque Cycle last year. I think in the end I loved the Baroque Cycle more, but both are so full, engaging, and well-written.
97. Go to 3 jazz concerts [3/3]
I've been at the Jazz Festival nearly every night for the last week and a half. More on that in another post, perhaps. Good times!

But I got started one another long running one:
30. Read at least 10 works of non-fiction [1/10]
I read Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. A good read that left me shaking my head at the simultaneous incompetence and brilliance of its subject. What a crazy guy, but hey - crazy people get things done, I guess. Next in this category I'm reading Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean; I have high hopes but doubt it will live up to its title. We'll see!

I nearly completed #45. Read The Brothers Karamazov. Would you believe that people are requesting this book all over the place meaning that with less than 100 pages to go, I had to return it the other day instead of renewing it? I was shocked to find people requesting Dostoevsky as summer reading, though that's hypocrital of me, since that's exactly what I did. Like the good library student I am, I returned it rather than face a fine and requested it again. Ha. So that'll be a July completion, hopefully.

In other news...

That's the auspicious beginning of Decimal. I say "auspicious" because for the first time possibly EVER*, as shown by the photo, I cast on enough stitches without running out of tail! Just barely. If I was smart, I'd measure more vigilantly to avoid having to start over multiple times. But somehow that never occurs to me right when I'm leaping into a project. Weee!

*Okay, probably not the first time ever, but it feels like it.


  1. Do you know that 'trick' where you wrap the yarn around the needle as many times as the number of stitches you're casting on to make sure you have enough 'tail'? Or wrap it round 10 times and then fold it over and over until you're near enough and then add a bit on to be on the safe side (which is what I do).

  2. Ah, thanks for the tip! The trick I always intend to use but rarely do is to cast on 10 stitchs, rip them out, measure and do the multiplication. But your way maybe involves less math so I'll try it next time. (Maybe. Heh).