Saturday, January 10, 2009

new environs

My favourite way to get to know a new place is on foot. (note: #63 of my 101 in 1001 is now complete.) London's constant ankle-deep slush will not defeat me! Haha. It was a bit colder today, so in many places the sidewalks were more solid. I ended up making a ridiculously inefficient loop through downtown and back up through the university; though I had a map, I didn't look at it when I chose to cut down a street through a neighbourhood full of huge houses, and so neglected to see that there was no way through.

It is clear that something must be done about winter boots. I wore mine today, even though I probably could have gotten away with the shoes I wear all winter in Ottawa. Yesterday I wore the shoes and got soaked, so I clearly also need to get better at judging the level of slush. In any case, I suffer from an affliction that I assume is fairly common in Canada. My socks always slip off my feet, or at least slip all the way to my toes while I walk. This happens very shortly after I begin slogging, generally. I tried wearing knee socks today, knowing that I would be walking for a long time and would not want to hop around awkwardly in the middle of the street trying to tug my socks back up. Knee socks didn't help. Hop awkwardly I did. Sigh. This is why I wear my hiking shoes year round.

Anyway, on my wanders I found the closest yarn shop to my house. I didn't go in, but it's good to know where it is. I also did boring but necessary stuff like scope out banks and groceries stores, which seemed fairly unrewarding in the bleak afternoon. After accidently wandering into the shopping district that I had explored a little before when I was here to find an apartment, I ran into a pro-Palestine rally, and turned back.


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