Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting lost; epic grocery adventure of doom

I have fond memories of wandering aimlessly around Exeter when I first moved there, getting slightly but not irrevocably lost. The romantic notion of getting lost in a new place, however, far outlives the actual experience of getting lost, if my London wanderings are any indication. I don't remember feeling anything other than excitement when learning my way around Exeter, but I probably had periods of frustration that I have forgotten. Or perhaps it's just less fun to wander around in the cold and the slush with several kilos of groceries, fumbling clumsily with a map and asking identical strangers plugged into ipods for directions. Epic.

An epic and ultimately less useful than planned adventure to a big ol' sprawling mall followed my first library class. I was determined to find Bulk Barn, which wasn't where I thought it was, but I eventually did find it after first walking far out of my way to the intersection I thought it was locate at, then wandering sheepishly back where I had come, asking a Zeller's lady for directions. Then, they didn't have any lentils, which I think is inexcusable. No lentils! Especially since I had already gone to Loblaws and bought everything else but specifically had not bought lentils in favour of getting them bulk. Thwarted again! Small battles, small battles.

The distance traveled by foot today was sizable from all the walking in circles, you know. But it probably wasn't as much as it felt like, because like an idiot I decided to go to Loblaws, which was immediately in view, first - before finding Bulk Barn. Whatever. It worked out. I have food enough for days and days, though I have no lentils.

And I even had my first class today which was kind of interesting, and slightly terrifying. The terror I am trying to suppress by telling myself "I survived 4th year Hums; this is bound to make more sense." They are doing their best to freak us out about the workload, so I started my readings today and promptly found out that antelopes may constitute documents. Sweet.

Tempting II will be done in the next week or so, I say perhaps optimistically, and then I'll have more knitting for this blog. Until then, ramble ramble ramble.


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