Saturday, July 26, 2008

warning: unblocked lace ahead

Now I understand the complaints of countless knitters when confronted with photographing unblocked lace. Right, well.

After the endless mindless stockinette of the Gilmore vest, I decided to knit something that required paying attention. This is the Tiger Eyes scarf, and it's my first real lace project other than the Monkeys. This is definitely a challenge for me: I'm not brilliant at chart-reading, so this is much-needed practice. On my first and second attempts I kept ending up with too few or too many stitches, but after frogging/partially frogging twice, everything clicked. So far. I've got lifelines just in case.

The yarn is some vintage Swiss wool I snagged for dirt cheap when the local Lewiscraft was closing. $2 for two skeins. It could be softer, but it's not itchy, so hopefully it will be a good fall scarf.


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