Friday, July 25, 2008

sunny flowers for a rainy day

It has been cool, gray, dreary, rainy, and funerary today. It suits the mood; I could use a little cheering up today.


So, happy colours! I really like orange in nature, although it's not a colour I can really wear, other than when I'm sleeping, or perhaps on my feet or hands. (Note to self: acquire orange sock yarn!) Orange and yellow leaves in autumn are stereotypical, but still beautiful. Even the jarring complementary combination of orange and blue often appeals to me, if it is in the form of a sunset, or flowers and sky.


I took these a while ago, but they encompass what I mean when I say "happy colours" at the moment. Our day lilies are now coming to an end; we didn't have quite so many this year as we have had in the past due to some culling and garden reorganization.


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