Monday, July 21, 2008

FO: sweater vest


It's done! Finally, I finished The Gilmore vest, and I'm very pleased. I will actually wear this, once the weather cools down a little. It's very fuzzy and soft because the yarn I used (22 yr old basement stash) has some alpaca in it. Yeah, yeah, not a summer knit, but whatever. The armhole ribbing is slightly wonky on one side - possibly a result of accidently picking up too many stitches, or something similar, but with blocking that was mostly resolved.


The pattern was not the clearest; since I'm the eternal novice knitter I had a bit of trouble figuring out parts of it. It wasn't too bad, though I did find myself with a wildly different row count than the pattern told me I should have. I fudged through it and managed just fine, for once. I added some waist shaping, but I think if I made this again I'd add more. It fits fine, but the waist barely nips in at all. Also, I would make the shoulders slightly narrower. I have broad shoulders, so I'm slightly amused that this vest could use narrower ones. More babbling on ravelry

Please excuse the small, crappy pictures. For some reason, I couldn't get any pictures closer up without being completely washed out. When I stood miles away from the camera, it was fine. My self-timer and I need to work out some issues, clearly.


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