Sunday, June 08, 2008


The other day I finally put some of my found jewelry to use.


I found the chain on the ground at a pub in Plymouth, and the beaten up fake pearl, silvery-plastic bead,the button, and a few others in various forms on the ground in Exeter. I still have a few lone earrings, including several huge hoops that I found in Exeter, but they didn't fit this project. The stone chips are also recycled from an old barrette that I made years ago but have no use for now.


I like colour. That should be obvious. What I enjoyed most about this project, other than the 'found' aspect, was sorting through my miscellaneous beads collecting blues and whites that fit. I am drawn to chromatic colours with slight variation that all merge into and play off each other. Sometimes I feel limited by my need to pair blues with blues. I wonder if I'm over-matching. That said, I didn't feel limited here, and I'm pleased with this necklace, though chains aren't generally my thing. I like the possibilities of chains - I may have to invest in some more. It doesn't always hang quite right, which is something to work on for next time, but all in all I'm pleased!


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