Monday, May 19, 2008


Ravelry's queue feature has been both useful and obstructive in my mental knitting life. I have to stop myself from putting everything I sort of like in my queue, because I know I don't intend to make most of it. The top of my queue has things I definitely want to make, but the trouble lies in my desire to make useful things. My mental knitting life needs a different sort of organization, so I'm going to use this space to make a different kind of queue based on the kind of item I need/want.

Things I need/want to make for myself in the next 6 months:
1. A summer cardigan: Lucky clover lace wrap; Ysolda's forthcoming cloud cardigan thing;
2. A shrug: Bellflower; Shimmer; Drop-stitch shrug
3. A fall/winter cardigan: Basic Black; Brennan cardigan; Sesame;
4. Socks: Hedera; Alison's ankle socks;
5. A real scarf for me: Henry; Tiger Eye lace; Ropes and Ladders

I have lots of options. Realistically, I'll do socks first, since I have yarn for them. I'm probably going to end up making a shrug instead of a summer cardigan this year, since it will be quicker and probably cheaper... I need something for summer arm-coverage since I burn so easily. And a scarf is just necessary. Would you believe I haven't knit a scarf for several years, and so I still use my three-year experimental seat-of-the-pants roll-y stockinette striped scarf from a few years back? Indeed. It's warm, but I think I need an update that shows off my somewhat improved knitting skills. Snrk.

The year of accessories is upon us?


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