Friday, May 23, 2008

socks and sundry

I finished the back piece of the vest the other day, but I'm finding it dull, so I'm taking a break - famous last words. I've started some quick socks, and when they are finished I'll continue working on the vest.

These are Alison's Ankle Socks, in the leftover light pink from my endpaper mitts. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I'm about halfway done the first sock. They are a little shorter on the ankle than I intended, and I think my feet are slightly too wide for the gauge, but they'll do.

little pink sock

I'm a novice sock knitter; this is my second pair of socks ever, and first with a short row heel/toe. Perhaps I can be forgiven for totally fudging the heel - the first time I knit it I attempted to use wrap and turn since that's the way I (sort of) know how to do short rows. The pattern is written with another method that confused me so I tried to ignore it, but that was a bad idea. When I finished, it looked a lot more like a toe than a heel and I panicked. I ended up ripping it out and starting over. That was probably needless, but as I say I was ignorant of short row heels before this experience. Upon reading to the end of the pattern, I realized that the toe is made in exactly the same way as the heel. So the fact that the heel looked like a toe? Shouldn't have been an issue. Right, oh well. Thwarted again!

little pink heel

It still looks like a toe when folded like this, but as seen in the first photo it's totally a heel. A little rough, but I'll work on my technique for the second sock.

In less fun news, there was a bombing in Exeter. While it sounds like a mostly botched affair, and only the bomber was injured, it's a bit scary. Watching cell phone camera footage of people milling about on High Street after the explosion is unsettling. Exeter seems like a very unlikely place for terrorism, I must say. The university has a reputable centre for Arab and Islamic Studies; I took a module there last year. I'm sure the intellectuals can handle it, but I hope there's no bigotry and backlash. I'm going back there in June to visit the boy and I'm so so so excited that bombs won't dampen my enthusiasm. So there.


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