Friday, September 09, 2016

Accidental Heirlooms, pt 1

I have never made anything that could become an heirloom. (Possible exception - maybe my wedding shawl?) Generally, I make things so that I can use them in my everyday life. I'm not always super practical about it (see last post about superwash yarns...), but neither do I make tons of special occasion things that get used once and then put away. That's what I've always assumed one did with heirlooms, because how else would they last for generations? As it turns out, heirlooms don't have to be delicate fancy creations.

When my son was born I received some things that have turned out to be heirlooms, even if they were never intended as such.

Here's the Bean in a sweater my grandmother knitted for me when I was a baby, on a quilt that my other grandmother made for me. I wore the sweater (easy care acrylic, definitely washable) as a wee thing and I used the quilt on my bed throughout my childhood. He'll grow out of the sweater too quickly, I'm sure, but the quilt should last a while yet. Who knows if these things will pass down to another generation, but for now I'm glad to give them to my baby from his great-grandmothers.


  1. Oh what sweet pictures of the Bean with those special heirlooms. I especially love that quilt. I like to think that some of the things that we are making now may be passed down to the next generation.

  2. Wonderful. I have a crocheted blanket that someone gave me when I was born. I have another one that was made by my auntie for the tween. I'll make sure to pass that down in the far future.

  3. What a cutie! My girls don't really have anything that was made for me, but my teddy bear is still going strong and much loved. I'm very much hoping some of my creations will be passed on, I'm very careful to make things as indestructible as possible because I loved the idea of them outlasting me!

  4. I love seeing heirlooms as sweet as these. My grandmother made my mom a quilt when she was young and I have it now along with a quilt that my mom made for me. If there was ever an emergency those two quilts would be the first to come with me- even over all my yarn. :)