Monday, August 01, 2016

Shifting priorities

When I was pregnant, I obsessed over knitting with machine washable yarn for baby things. Babies are messy, I reasoned, and life is too short to hand wash pee and puke out of things frequently. I was not wrong.

As it turns out, though, I neglected to think of my own clothes. I thought I would go back to knitting the sweaters from my queue once I regained some semblance of non-preggo shape, but I didn't consider that most of the yarn I have lined up for said queue is not machine washable. And I find myself covered in bodily fluids that are not my own sometimes multiple times a day.

DUH! I hear you shout. Of course the baby's mess is not confined to his own clothes! And yet I totally didn't consider this before the baby arrived for some reason.
Anyway. My priorities for my own making are shifting. I foresee much super wash in my future. On that note, I started knitting Cattails in some Rowan Creative Linen, which is a 50% cotton 50% linen blend. It's not advertised as machine washable, but washing and drying my swatch produced no ill effects, so I'm going with it. Bonus: lots of stockinette means that I can knit a few stitches and put it down without losing my place - necessary in these days of uncertain naps.


  1. Ha, yes! Everyone talks about all the tiny things you'll be constantly washing when baby arrives without every mentioning that you will be covered in whatever baby outputs plus whatever leaks out of you too. I smelled faintly cheesy for at least 6 months after each kiddo!

  2. LOL; your light bulb brought back memories. My little one would cry and cry and cry and then throw up. My first one my mum did so much of her laundry just in a day. And that liquid poop that travels up the back. Oh boy!

  3. Yes, I remember those days too! Stained t-shirts & sweatpants were my daily uniform. I think that the cotton/linen blend is a great idea for that pattern. Your Bean is adorable!