Friday, March 25, 2016

FO Friday! Baby things

Wow, how long has it been since I did FO Friday? A long time.

Anyway, I finally sewed buttons on some tiny cardigans and so I can share them with the world.

Here's Little Coffee Bean by Elizabeth Smith.

 photo IMG_20160323_121249_zps9fqpvevz.jpg

I used Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, which is really more of a worsted weight yarn. This meant using a looser gauge than intended, because the combination of cotton yarn and tight gauge would have made armour rather than a cardigan. As a result, this sweater is large - technically 6 month size, but I'm pretty sure it's way bigger. That's cool. Hopefully it will fit the small one in an appropriate season.

 photo IMG_20160323_121322_zpsgue9ul9r.jpg

These are the cute owl buttons I bought at EYF, in action.

I ran out of brown yarn, so had to make the button bands narrower than called for, but I think it looks okay.

Next up: Puerperium by Kelly Brooker

I used Rico Design Essentials Cotton DK, which is quite a shiny cotton. I have been building a small stash of this since it comes in lots of great colours.

 photo IMG_20160323_121202_zpsrfljsnnn.jpg

The free version of this pattern is just sized for a newborn, so that's what I made. I added some colourwork for interest, adapted from a colourwork pattern found in Geometric Knitting Patterns by Tina Barrett. Knitting colourwork flat is not my favourite thing ever, but for such a small knit it wasn't so bad.

Yay for tiny knits! I currently have no baby knits on the needles and am trying to make some headway on some knitting for myself, but I hear the call of tiny quick knits, so I'm sure I'll have something else on the go soon.


  1. Awwww! I made a Coffee Bean cardi for Felicity but it came up quite big and my husband somehow felted it in the wash before she'd grown in to it. At least it was a quick knit!

  2. Love the coffee bean cardi and those buttons are so sweet!

  3. Nice button choices, and I really like the mods you made to the Puerperium. The little one is going to look so cute in it!

  4. They are both beautiful - I love the colours you have chosen and the colour work that you added to the Puerperium!

  5. Adorable wee knits! Love how perfectly the owl buttons look on the little coffee bean. Great colourwork addition to the Puerperium. I think that cotton yarn is a smart choice for baby knits.