Sunday, February 03, 2013

WIP: noro scarf

I'm not the first to do a stripy Noro scarf, and probably not the last. The ubiquity of this scarf suggests that sometimes simple is best. I am kind of addicted to watching the colours change, so it will probably be finished soon.

 photo IMG_6069_zpsb5d4c437.jpg

I started out using Brooklyn Tweed's recipe, but it was turning out too wide, so I ripped it out and started again with 29 stitches instead of 39. I only have 3 skeins of Noro, so hopefully the reduction in CO stitches will yield a long enough scarf.

 photo IMG_6070_zpse7a2a5f6.jpg

I had two skeins of similar but different bluey-green-purple Noro Kureyon that I bought on impulse years ago, and I've added the spring-coloured Noro I got for Christmas. It has worked out really well so far, since the Christmas yarn has lots of light colour - it contrasts really well with the deeper / darker shades in the other skeins. I have done some strategic cutting in places when things got a little muddy and low-contrast, but mostly I'm letting it do what it will.

Noro divides opinions. I love it, but I wouldn't use it for many types of projects; however, it really lives up to its potential in simple things like this.


  1. Noro's dye jobs are really awesome. I have yet to buy that brand because I find it itchy. I heard the Silk Garden line is the softest tho.

  2. Never used noro, but every time i've had the chance to smoosh it I am not at all interested!

    lovely colours though :D

  3. I love my version of this scarf - I also cast on far fewer stitches. Love the contrast you're getting between the colours, it looks fab :)

  4. I LOVE the look of Noro yarn. I HATE the way it feels, though, Sucks because it's really really pretty. Yours is particularly lovely. :)