Saturday, January 05, 2013

2012 in knitting

Hello! I hope you have all had a fun and relaxing whatevermass holiday time. I basically ignored the internet for two weeks and it was delightful. (And now I'm having a hard time catching up.) I even finished some more knitting projects. As is traditional, I've done a mosaic of everything I finished in 2012... and I thought it would be bigger, to be honest. Oh well.


From left to right and top to bottom (links are to my rav projects):

Devon, by Cookie A.
High Seas, by Kieran Foley
Sweet Bunting, by Laura Chau
Mr Pitt's Socks, by Kaitlyn Wong (I did actually finish them, just didn't get a proper picture)
Gavotte, by Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Coronet, by Alexandra Virgiel
Ladies' Classic Raglan Pullover, by Jane Richmond
Gretel, by Ysolda Teague

A few of these haven't had a proper blog post yet, but those will come soon.

As for knitting resolutions, I think I half succeeded this year. Here is what I wrote last year:

In 2012, I would like to focus my knitting on filling in my knitwear gaps. For example, most of my handknit sweaters are 3/4 sleeved because I skimp on yarn and am afraid of running out. 3/4 sleeves are fine sometimes, but my wardrobe needs some long-sleeved things. So: goal for 2012 is to make sweaters with long sleeves, even if I need to buy more yarn to accomplish it! Likewise, I only have one handknitted pullover, so I'd like to add one or two more pullovers to the mix this year.

Indeed, I did make two pullovers - hurray! However, only one of them is long-sleeved. Ah well. I spent several months working on my wedding shawl exclusively, which probably accounts for having fewer FOs than last year. That's cool - it's not about the counting, is it? In any case, the last few months have been rather productive. Half of my total FOs were finished in November and December, including my two sweaters.

My knitting goals for next year aren't very focused, and are subject to change. I'd like to do some more lace, and make a few cardigans. I'd also like to make some gifts for my immediate family, since I haven't made them anything for the last two years. Other than that, who knows what 2013 will bring.

How was your year in knitting / fibre?


  1. I think you had a perfectly fine knitting year (although I agree, it seems there should be more up there - maybe you just talk about the knitting a lot!).

  2. This is a wonderful amount of projects since a lot of them are very involved (lots of sweaters and that GORGEOUS shawl)! I absolutely adore your wedding shawl and your dress looked gorgeous. Sorry, I haven't been around so not sure if you've posted other pics but your dress and shawl combo was perfect. :)

  3. You have made some real nice, intricate items and well life can get in the way, yeah? I think you are on track for 2013.

  4. Your project mosaic is great! Cool idea. I think you got some awesome knitting done in 2012 - the wedding shawl is gorgeous, and you knit two whole sweaters in two months! High five for that. : ) Your goals for 2013 sound good - I always like to build in some wiggle room with my knitting goals; I usually think of them as intentions, rather than resolutions. Here's to a happy, fiber-y 2013! : )

  5. You did have a big year! I cannot believe how much has changed for you! Sometimes I think that it is more productive to work on monthly goals rather than yearly, that way you have flexibility but still have something to work towards. I look forward to hearing about the other projects!

  6. I haven't decided on any particular goals for this year, but full length sleeves might be a good start! Like you, most of mine are 3/4 (for the same reason too) and I would really like to have something long-sleeved for a change!

  7. I would be happy with only the wedding shawl. It is sooo beautiful. But the sweaters and that adorable bunting cardigan are wonderful as well. My knitting goal for this year is to not have any goals...just let inspiration take me where it will. Scary, I know ;)