Monday, July 02, 2012

WIP: bunting for baby D

I'm knitting a baby sweater. Hard to believe, but this is the first ever baby-sized garment I've made! It seems not too many people around me are having babies, which probably means they'll all start having them at once some time in the future. Anyway. It's for my little cousin/niece/small person(-once-removed-in-law?) who will be a year old this winter.


The pattern is Sweet Bunting by Laura Chau, which has an adorable colourwork bunting pattern around the yoke. Having done the body section up to the underarms, I'm working on the first sleeve. I haven't reached any of the exciting parts yet, but the stockinette is soothing, and I do enjoy the little seed-stitch cuffs.

Since I've never knit for babies before, I have a question for those with baby-dressing experience. The pattern as written has i-cord ties at the neck to hold the cardigan closed, but no other fastenings. Does this make any sense for a baby garment? In my brain it seems like it would come untied and slip off pretty easily, given baby squirmings, but I don't really know. I'm thinking of adding buttons, since it seems like they'd be more secure that just a bow, but that means adding button holes. What say you, experienced baby wranglers?


  1. No baby wrangling experience, but the sweater sounds like it will be adorable when done.

  2. I have no words of wisdom for you regarding the buttons, but that pattern is sweeter than sweet! Love those Cosmic Pluto designs. :)

  3. That color is perfect for a little one and the pattern is just darling! I'm sorry to say that I have no baby experience whatsoever, but my advice is to just make sure that whatever you end up doing is baby safe (in the case of buttons, well secured)

  4. I am an experienced baby wrangler!!! (Mine's 2)
    Here's my thoughts:
    I-cord ties at neck seems fine for a tiny baby who isn't moving much: they can't take it out, pull on it and choke themselves etc. But since it's for a 1 year old, there's the chance that it could bug them and they'll take it out on their own. PROBABLY not. They are generally busy enough getting into all kinds of trouble non-clothing related.
    I personally think one button at the same location would do the job equally well. And if you can do any crochet, then a nice single crochet loop works wonders.
    However, I do have a friend who refuses to allow her child to have clothing with buttons because the little girl puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. So there's that to consider too.
    I'm gonna go ahead say it should be fine, but that personally I would do a single button instead. If only because I hate knitting I-cord ;)

  5. No idea about baby wrangling, but that yarn is such a pretty colour and I love the seed stitch :)

  6. I have wanted to knit this sweater ever since I saw it on Laura's website. The bunting makes it so cute and original. As far as the baby wrangling goes, I would say that the I-cord ties are fine. They fit in with the design and maybe would make the sweater more adjustable. I know that a lot of moms have safety issues with buttons on baby garments, too.