Thursday, March 29, 2012

still life with tulips and pint glass

Witness the first time I've bought cut flowers in recent memory or possibly ever. I love tulips, and wanted to see how long they would last in a vase with water, in preparation for making my wedding bouquet next month. We don't own a vase, but that's nothing a trip to the charity shop won't fix for next time. Until then, a pint glass works fine. (Obviously, we are very classy folks.)


Also witness the open door / window, letting in the glorious weather and record-high temperatures of the last few days. We're lucky to get weather this warm in the summer, never mind in March. Whee!



  1. Heehee, I love the pint glass, what a perfect vase! Lovely pictures by the way.

  2. Sometimes tulips droop after a couple of days, but if you poke a pin through the stem just under the head, it can resolve this. Just thought that might be useful info ;)

    1. Good to know! I had no idea... thanks :)