Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Red at Last

Guess what I got for Christmas?


It's been described and reviewed all over the internet already, but I'll add my impressions to the mix. As a follower of Ysolda's blog, I'd been looking forward to this book for ages prior to its release last year. (Disclaimer: though I have been an Ysolda fan since before I moved to Edinburgh, I am not a creepy stalker. I feel a bit self-consciously creepy about this it nonetheless.)

Lauriel is the pattern that first caught my eye when I heard about the book, and Angostura is also in my queue for the near future. Although I don't have much use for sweater vests - I'll make a use for them, I'm sure! I have a couple store bought ones from that one summer I had a proper office job, but they hardly fit my unemployed-hermit lifestyle at the moment. Also the dude thinks they are distinctly uncool for some reason. Which has never stopped me, since I'm fairly sure I've never been cool, but anyway. Sweater vests = cool or uncool?

Despite its lovely patterns, the book is actually more interesting to me as a reference for future sweaters in general. I like that in a knitting book - even if I only knit a couple of the sweaters, the other information in the book has lasting value. It will take many hours of perusal and consulting, I'm sure, but I hope to make better fitting sweaters because of it. I've already used the detailed measurement guide and print-out to fill in all my current measurements, though I'm still a bit confused about what some of them refer to - will have to consult with the internet hive-mind on this at some point.

I can't comment on the pattern writing yet, since I haven't tried to follow any of it. However, the first few times I flipped through the book, I got a bit confused by the schematics. Though they are very artistic, at a glance they imply that every pattern is knitted in pieces / flat. Which is definitely not the case. Maybe it's just me, but when I saw them that's the impression I got. However, I can also understand the benefit of showing things like set-in sleeves in the shape of a flat set-in sleeve, even if the sleeve itself is a seamless set-in one. Did that make any sense? Whatever. I get how it works now.

Yay, knitting!


  1. Great prezzie :) I'm quite taken with Angostura as well, I think vests are all in the styling so go for it!

  2. Great prezzie :) I'm quite taken with Angostura as well, I think vests are all in the styling so go for it!

  3. Great gift. I have just finished my first pattern from it, and although I don't like the schematics or the way the patterns are written particularly, I still love the book :)

    I think sweater vests are cute, but I have never claimed to be cool, so I don't know how far my opinion goes on this!

  4. Sweater vests = COOL. You heard it here first folks.

    I feel weird because I don't keep up with Ysolda (I feel like everyone really likes her) so I don't think you're a stalker.

  5. Ooh, lucky you! I hope you enjoy it :)

  6. Thanks for posting your thoughts on the book - Little Red has been on my wishlist since it came out, and I want to get it even more now!

    And sweater vests are totally cool. : )

  7. I actually wasn't interested in this book when I saw the previews of the patterns, but once I got a chance to look at the fitting info it moved to the top of my list! I think it's worth having just as a reference book, honestly, even if one never knits a single pattern.