Monday, September 05, 2011

run run ran

You'd be forgiven for suspecting that my conspicuous silence of the topic of running means I've given up.

Not so! Although a took some time off running during August while spending all day at the fringe festival, I haven't given up. In fact, I'm inclined to say I've succeeded. That may be premature - I won't do the final workout of the Couch to 5K until Wednesday, going by my current schedule, but I've made it to 30 minutes of non-stop running. If you can call my slow shuffling jog "running." Never mind. I'm pleased with myself for getting this far, even though I still have to force myself to go running.


I had a break through of sorts with my brain, which has helped my progress. My brain (or my shoulder devil, or whatever) likes to tell me I'm too tired to continue, that I've run far enough for one day, and various other discouraging things as I huff and puff along. The realisation that I ran for X minutes two days before, and can therefore do it again today has really helped me fend off the discouraging thoughts. It's just a tiny, simple fact, but somehow it was a breakthrough. Ah, I like outsmarting my brain.

Now that I can run for 30 minutes, I need to figure out how far I'm actually going in that time - I suspect it isn't as far as 5K given the aforementioned slow shuffle. From there, I'll have to start setting new goals. First step will be trying to achieve a 30-min 5K, if it turns out my 30 minute run isn't already 5K. I'm also thinking about adding some hill training to my workouts, since my current route is fairly flat. Onwards and upwards!


  1. Congrats! I did the Couch to 5K once and never made it all the way to the end, but I did run a 5K in 36 minutes, at a very slow shuffle indeed (I remember an old man speed walking past me...) so I suspect you're very close to the correct distance!

  2. yay, congrats! and no matter how slow you go, you can call it running. i know i do! saying "i'm going for a run" just sounds better. i think that might count as outsmarting your brain, too, actually.

  3. Yay, sounds like you're making fantastic progress :)

  4. Congratulations! This post feels inspirational to me because I'm just starting out on the C25K thing. I've never been a runner in my life and it feels really tough. I'm going to follow your lead and start "outsmarting my brain" too.

  5. I call a slow shuffle running. Or sometimes I say 'jogging', I feel like that's a nice half-way between word. I haven't even been out shuffling for a long time, so I think you're doing awesome.

  6. Congratulations! Bad knees, no running for me, but I've got to do something...