Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things I like lately

In no particular order, here are some things I like lately...

A Playful Day knitting blog and podcast - I've never really gotten into podcasts, but I'm really enjoying this one! I need the periodic reminder that life can still be playful. (Plus, she has awesome giveaways.)

CMOT Dibbler Discworld Badges - I especially like the Ook librarian badge!

Sweet Potato fries - I've had these in pubs, but never tried making my own.

Briolette earrings - last year I'd never ever heard the term briolette, although I actually have some earrings that would probably count.

Guide to Edinburgh Vintage and Charity Shops by Oranges and Apples - This looks like a good resource. I've explored the charity shops in my area, but one of these days I'll go adventuring to the others she mentions.

This inexpensive yet bridal dress - I wonder if I could pull it off. More to the point, can one still have a lacey knitted shawl if the dress is lacey? Things to think about.

Steampunk jewelry - I don't wear much jewelry, but maybe I would if more of it involved steampunk owls? Heh.

Ditto for Antiqued octopus neclaces.

365 Jars project - Every day, Kirsty Hall lets loose a jar full of art into the world, and encourages people to go out and find them.

Zucchini noodles - looks like a fun spaghetti alternative.


  1. Great links! I subscribed to A Playful Day on iTunes yesterday, and plan to listen tonight.

    The wedding dress is gorgeous! I think a lacy shawl could still go. Were you going to knit it in white as well?

  2. Ooh, I'm excited to try the sweet potato fries recipe. Mine always come out a bit mushy : (
    I love the dress and definitely think you could put a lacy knit shawl with it. Would a kid silk mohair one be too crazy?

  3. I love steampunk jewellery but hadn't seen that, thanks for the link! I also love sweet potato fries ;)

  4. I LOVE the Playful Day podcast! I'm the same way about podcasts, never really got into them, but there's something about hers which really pulls you in.

    I really want to try sweet potato fries, I keep reading about them and they sound delicious. Also, what a lovely modern wedding dress! Not sure if a lacey shawl over the top might be too busy, but it's always worth a try! I guess it depends on what kind of lace the shawl is.