Tuesday, March 01, 2011

On chocolate

First, I want to thank everyone for their encouraging comments on my first maybe-pattern last week. I've put it up for testing on the Free Pattern Testers group on ravelry, tentatively called the Danube cowl. If you're interested in testing, go check it out there!

But what I really want to talk about today is chocolate. (So what else is new).

I may not have mentioned here, but February was a chocolate-free month for me. While I'm sure I've gone a month without chocolate before in my life, this was sort of a big deal because in February there's Valentine's day and my birthday, and a proliferation of chocolate eating opportunities. Needless to say, I enjoy chocolate, and might be a bit of a chocoholic. It's my "sweet" of choice, though it's even better when it isn't sweet. I could do without milk chocolate most of the time, to be honest. Give me the dark stuff.

The dramatic-looking chocolate that broke my fast today. It wasn't even very good.

I decided to quit chocolate in solidarity with my dear who gave up cheese for a while, but also because I wanted chocolate to be a special thing again. I was eating too much of it, and it no longer seemed like a treat. And you know, it's not actually good for you - whatever the chocolatiers say about its healthful properties, I'm fairly sure the saturated fat isn't brilliant in excessive quantities.

Anyway. I did it. I made it through a month without chocolate. Psychologically, I think my mission to do without brought on more cravings at first. After a while it wasn't even that difficult, though. I did receive a thoughtful gift of some chocolate about two weeks ago that I had to hide in the closet out of view...

Today I ate one of those gift chocolates, and it was kind of disappointing. Maybe that's a good thing, though. Oh yeah, chocolate. It's just a food, nothing more. A sometimes-food.


  1. Congrats on making it a month without chocolate! I LOVE chocolate too and I also like depriving myself of it to make the times I have it even more special! It also helps in keeping the waist line trim. ;)

  2. I could possibly make it without chocolate, but cheese? I'd die.

    Good luck with the pattern testers. I've had fun with the group as both a designer and a tester.

  3. No chocolate? You are a great woman than I. I get what you mean about the psychological effects, the same thing happened to me when I stopped drinking soda.

  4. So impressed. Truly. A whole month (!)?