Thursday, March 03, 2011

cultural differences, or snack food education

When I first lived in the UK a few years ago, I didn't experience too much culture shock, but I expect everyone around me got tired of hearing about the little differences there were. Now that I live with an English dude, I often find out about little differences that I didn't stumble upon on my own before. This seems to happen most often with food.

For example, this evening I read Smitten Kitchen's blog post about home made goldfish crackers. Remembering these cheerful snacks fondly, I exclaimed something to the effect of, "This blogger has a recipe for goldfish crackers! That's awesome!"


The outburst was met by a blank look from my fiancé.

"You know, goldfish crackers. They are cheesey and shaped like fish? Did you never have those as a kid?"

"No. Are they like Wotsits?"

"What are Wotsits?"


In a similar way, I've learned about eggy soldiers, Twiglets, jelly and ice cream, (ew, seriously, ew) and a host of other foodstuffs I can't call to mind right now. Likewise, I introduced him to poutine, beaver tails, and whatever rubbishy snacks I had as a kid. He put up with my moaning about the lack of readily available good peanut butter, until I found a suitably virtuous (no added salt, no added sugar) version at the health food store. Peanut butter is serious business. Anyway.

We're both a bit puzzled by some of the traditional Scottish things that show up on menus, though. Cullen Skink anyone?

(Not that there is anything puzzling about the soup in itself - it's the name that puzzled me!)


  1. lol I love this post! My hubby learned all about eggy soliders, jelly and ice cream etc too. He still doesn't GET the eating a hard boiled egg in an egg cup *shakes head* but after tasting the jelly and ice cream he did agree it was good. You HAVE to try it if you haven't, its the perfect combo yummmm. I used to love wotsits too oh great thanks, now I'm craving everything I can't get!!!

  2. ok I just clicked on twiglets because i hadn't heard of them..... they are supposed to taste like marmite???? BOKE!!!!

  3. @CelticCastOn Eugh I don't know... the thought of those two textures mixing makes my stomach turn!

    Yeah, I'm not such a fan of marmite either.

  4. This makes me laugh so hard, because the exact.same.thing happened to me today at hockey practice. "Huh, goldfish crackers?". I miss a lot of the food of my youth, but the stroopwafels more than make up for it.

  5. Haha... that happens to me all the time! My partner's Australian... the differences never seem to end :)