Tuesday, November 16, 2010

queue monster

What? Winter Twist Collective is out? I missed the memo, but as soon as I figured out where all those shiny new things on my ravelry friend-feed were coming from, I went to take a look. I always whip through Twist looking at the patterns first, and then gradually over the next few days/weeks read the articles.

Here are my favourites.

Things I love and might even make one day
Parcel: It's cute, and I haven't made a pullover since my first sweater. I should do it.
Leaving: I think this is very wearable, not to mention gorgeous and classy.
Roheline: This jumps out because of the yarn colour, but I could imagine making it in something more subdued as well.
Trefoil: I especially like the hat.

Things I love, but probably won't make
Leif and Astrid: Auugggh the cute.
Freija: This is dramatic and cables are awesome, but I don't think I could pull it off.
Sin Miedo: Let's be honest - I probably can't be bothered to make such beautiful things to hide in my shoes. But so beautiful, nonetheless.


  1. You picked the exact same items that I like! I also think Skalva by Gudrun Johnston looks snuggly and good for work or casual days.

  2. There are quite a few items I saw in there I would love to make. The question is will I ever actually do it lol ?