Friday, November 19, 2010

Mundane misses

I'm finding that other than friends and family, the things I miss about Canada are kind of dumb, really. For example, lately I miss Cheerios.

Cheerios? Really? Yes. Breakfast is serious business.

Cheerios are widely available in the UK, but the cereal is quite different from Cheerios in North America. For one thing, while in Canada the default Cheerios are made with oats, here the default Cheerios are multigrain, with each O made of a different grain. Multigrain Cheerios are also available in North America, but I've never seen oaty Cheerios here. That isn't a problem in itself; my main issue is that they are so much sweeter here. Almost sugar-glazed. I know, American Cheerios contain sugar, but they aren't a sweet cereal in their default form, which I love since I'm not a fan of sweet stuff in the morning.

Before you go thinking I'm a total cereal snob, know that in Canada I ate mostly store-brand knock-off cheerios quite happily, but they were all generally similar and not too sweet.

Anyway. Here ends an investigation into my bizarre breakfast requirements! Maybe I'll have some real content tomorrow.


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