Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Does sock yarn count?

I'm usually pretty good about buying yarn with specific projects in mind so that it doesn't languish unused and unloved for ages. I take this approach to limit my yarn buying because I don't have the time, money, or space for a big stash. Sock yarn poses a problem, though. It has been said that sock yarn stash doesn't really count as stash. I mean, each 100g skein is enough for a whole project, be it a pair of socks or a lacy shawlette - and I have enough of both in my queue to use up twice or three times my current sock yarn stash. It's different from sweater stash, which by necessity comprises at least a few skeins of yarn per sweater in potentia and takes up a whole lot more space. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) Not that having a stash is a bad thing, it's just that I don't want to have an extensive one right now.

On that note, look what I got! This past weekend I trekked out to the Morningside Makers' Market and spent a while squishing yarn at the Yarn Yard table. I was mesmorized by the pretty colours and took ages to decide on one to purchase, but finally decided on this one.


This is Cairn, 80% merino, 20% nylon. There are green streaks through the dark blue that aren't showing up well in the photo. Despite blue being one of my favourite colours, I haven't knit anything blue in a while, so I thought it was time for more bluish yarn.

I have no idea what I'll make with it, but I'm not letting that bother me. It's sock yarn, after all. I can always make socks.


  1. ... what beautiful yarn! ... I look forward to seeing what you decide to make :)

  2. Sock yarn totally doesn't count! : ) Like you said, it can always be made into socks, and also it doesn't take up much space.

    That's a very pretty blue!

  3. I am totally jealous of your level-headed yarn shopping abilities. Please teach me of your ways.

    Such pretty yarn! (See, there I go again. :-P)

  4. Sock yarn totally counts.