Sunday, May 30, 2010

prédisposée aux accidents

So. I may or may not have broken the little toe on my left foot for the second time in nine months. I feel more than a little stupid about this, but mostly angry that I'm left hobbling around again. I have many sedentary hobbies, but just as the time comes to participate in one of my favourite non-sedentary hobbies, I trip and mess up my toe. Argh.

On Friday, the toe episode: I tripped over a yoga chair thing at an ashram. (Maybe a story for another time?) On Saturday, a trip to Parc National de la Mauricie for hiking, canoeing, swimming, etc. It's really not so bad, and if it's broken I now know what to expect, since it happened before, but I'm not too pleased about the inconvenience. I'm being very careful with my toe, and trying not to spend too much time on my feet just in case.

Nonetheless, it was a fun day full of beauty.


While I was very annoyed not to be able to do a lot of hiking or at least walking around, things worked out. I did about half of the "easy hike," and spent most of the rest of the day hanging out by some waterfalls taking in the scenery and feeding the population of blackflies.

(made with the bighugelabs mosaic maker)

And knitting. Observe my blurry, out of focus shots of my sock. I tried. Ah well, at least the waterfall looks good! This is the beginning of Skew, knit in my easter-egg dyed Elann sock yarn. I already suspect that the colour repeats are too short to really do this pattern justice, but I think I'll keep going and see how it turns out. In the ravelry group for koolaid dyeing, the term "clown barf" is used frequently to describe very colourful handpaint jobs, but as I knit this stuff up I keep thinking it's more like unicorn barf. (Vomi de licorne?). I love it anyway.


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