Saturday, May 01, 2010

Liesl Revisited: knitcroblo6

Liesl then, September 2008

I finished Liesl in September 2008, and it turned out to be much more versatile than I had expected. I've worn it in every season. It works as a cover-up on chilly summer nights, and as an extra layer to make tank tops viable in spring or fall. Any layer is a good layer in the winter, and Liesl does nicely. Seriously, I think I wore this once a week at least this past winter.

The yarn I used is Zara Plus, a sproingy merino that has pilled a little, but not as much as expected. The sweater has gone from being slightly fancy, to worn-looking and comfortable, and back to presentable - pilling was worst at the middle stage. Miraculously (or, you know, this might be how yarn works), the pilling has pretty much stopped now. Hurray!

Liesl now, May 2010

It has definitely stretched, and it sags a little more in the back than it used to, but I don't really mind. I actually like how the neckline has stretched; when I knit the wide-neck version, I had expected it to turn out wider than it originally did. When it disintegrates, I know I'll be making this one again!



  1. Very pretty, and I like your choice of color :)

  2. What a great colour and I really like the pattern. I have the pattern and will definitely give it a go now.

  3. That's a great sweater! Very pretty color. Thanks for sharing the before and after photos. It's really interesting to see how a garment looks after wear.

  4. She came out great love the color.

  5. What a great sweater. Sweaters are not my thing (and I'm sticking to this until I do one for myself), however looking at your sweater and its year round wear has made me change my mind. What a beautiful sweater!

  6. A gorgeous FO and very inspiring.

    I made a liesel myself and I never wore it. The sleeves were too tight, the neckline unflattering and the length too short.

    Yours, however, is gorgeous.

    You've made me look at this pattern again and wonder about a second attempt. Maybe with buttons all the way down like yours. thanks :)