Saturday, December 19, 2009


Apparently, I've been home for a week. Until I moved to southern Ontario for school, I didn't realize how much I love Ottawa, and now I try to make the most of my visits. But really, what have I done? Lots of relaxing, and quite a bit of knitting. Throw in some consumerism, as well, some of the yarny variety. Making the most of it? Not clear, but it's good to have a rest. I'm currently in the throes of packing to jet off on some fun adventures across the Atlantic which I've been looking forward to for months; that part of my holiday won't be particularly restful, methinks.


Anyway, here are the dregs of some lovely Malabrigo Chunky. What's left after I finished my first ever Malabrigo project. (gasp!). I'm probably the last knitter on the planet to make this discovery, but all the rumours are true. It's damn soft. Holy crap. At some point I'll have pictures of the finished product, but once again gift-knitting means it doesn't get an unveiling just yet.


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