Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's October! 101 in 1001 Update.

I'm falling behind. I just realized I completely forgot to do last week's word. I'll do two tomorrow.

Plus, I haven't been updating my 101 in 1001 list, although things have been progressing.

Since I last did an update I have completed:

44. Write and send 3 letters
58. Explore Toronto
(Not that Toronto can be explored in one shot, but...)
68. Learn how to cook salmon
94. Be vegan for a week

I am currently working on:
5. Knit a cabled sweater (Vivian)
Learning more words (#3)
Trying new recipes (#92)

By my count that's 27 out of 101 completed so far. I started my list last September, so I've been working on it a little over a year. Hmmm should pick up the pace!


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