Saturday, October 03, 2009



Excuse the lighting. It's fall already, which means gray days and rain.

Decimal by Snowden Becker

Yarn: Mandarin Petit, 100% cotton
Mods: No bell sleeves. I cast on for the sleeves with the number of stitches for the underarms. Also, my yarn was slightly thinner than it should have been.

I'm calling this done even without buttons. I've decided not to hurry on the buttons for this since they wouldn't do up anyway. My first 100% cotton project had me a little worried, but turns out I really like working with this yarn - it's soft and it didn't hurt my hands or anything. It also didn't grow with blocking as much as expected, but that's okay. I like it how it is, and if it stretches a bit more in the future I'll put on buttons then.


  1. Your version is really nice. I just realized that I have never made anything green for myself.

  2. Thanks! Green is one of my favourite colours that I keep coming back to :)