Thursday, September 10, 2009

Word Thursday Words

Two words this week because I missed last week due to moving and other fun adventures (more on this later).

To wipe away; to wipe clean; to cleanse; also fig. to

A whirlpool (lit. and fig.); ~OED

I discovered on my last day of work that my workplace subscribes to the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. Why didn't I figure that out before? I always have fun with obsolete and obscure words, but for this particular project I want to learn more words that other people might understand if I use them, so I have been trying to pick words that aren't entirely obsolete. Still, my OED fun probably yielded a few unfashionable words that I'm happy to learn.

So. Today's offerings are the literarily-pleasing Gurge, which will likely be more useful in its figurative sense when I'm overwhelmed in the coming term. Absterge is a word I like right now because I've just moved - moving house can be a cleansing / purging experience.


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